Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Good Job is like an Idli

Another rambling just to oil the creative side of my brain and get the words flowing!

A good or the right job is like Idlis. 

Packed with the right nutrients in just the right proportion, idlies are good for us. Wholesome and simple, idlies can be categorized as the saintly variety of food that simply can’t harm us. (But yes, even divinity needs to be moderated or can lead to insanity and harm.) My point is, a good job that fulfills most of your core expectations and objectives is like an idli.

Now the big question is can idlies be enjoyed without a tasty side dish? A spicy chutney or sambhar or podi or at least some sauce or sugar and ghee? Nope. You need the accompanying side dish to complete the idli so that it can be savored in its true glory. That’s how a good job works too. 

You simply need to couple your full time job with interesting side dishes like a great hobby, friends and fun, or at the very least some awesome music, to relish all that is great about your chosen job. Otherwise, you risk struggling to chew a bland idli and will be forced to soon spit it out. 

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