Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Lover, Misunderstood

He was slowly creeping upon me, his strong hands feeling up my legs, waist, shoulders and neck. His icy chill breath sent a sudden shiver down my spine.
This was our first encounter, and I hated him. Gloomy, sulky, and utterly heartless, he loved to strip me naked, leaving me bare, barren, and ugly. 
But, I had no choice. I gave in. I waited. Patiently. Until he had his share of fun, and left. 
And then she came, warm and soothing, and lovingly whispered in my ears: "He didn't mean to hurt you. He didn't leave you barren. He sowed in you the seeds of life. Look at you! You are glowing now, darling!"
Spreading wide my leafy and flowery arms, I swayed gently, spring's revelation still ringing loud in my ears. Suddenly, I missed him. 
The pain is short lived, I consoled myself. And began my wait, with fond hope, for my next tryst with winter.

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