Friday, November 25, 2016

The Mother Waits for Her End

She knows her end is near. But, an epitome of selflessness, she continues to do what she has always done in her over 50 years of life - GIVE. Never asking for anything in return, never cribbing, never hurting.

She has seen man of all colours - those who exploit her, those who care for her, those who ignore her but enjoy the comfort of her lap, those who know nothing about her real worth, those who look at her in awe of her grandeur and beauty, and now, those who care a damn about her, and are ready to kill her for their own selfish ends without a batting of their eyelids.

In all these years, what really comforted her were the little harmless birds, their pleasant songs, the bees and their buzzing, and the little squirrels scurrying across her shoulders and head from morning till evening. But she was the proudest of being home to the royal eagles.

As the dust gathers in full swing, as the ugly huge machines and scary men continue their work in earnest, she realizes that this is it. It's my time to bid goodbye. But she will continue to be the nurturing mother that she has always been till her last breath, till her last branch and leaf and root rot away, till just a stump or perhaps nothing remains of her body on that spot that she considered her home from her birth.

More than her death, she is worried about her kids, the little innocent creatures that have no clue about what is to come to their mother. It could be tonight, it could tomorrow, or if she's lucky, it could take another 5-10 years. But there is no escaping her sad fate.

The rise of the ugly structure on the road, an underpass that could give connectivity to the locality, will ring her death knell. And then, with her huge, long roots gone, with her fat, strong trunk gone, with her green shady leaves all gone, there will be clear skies, the bird songs will pause, and finally, the rains will forget this land forever.

But who will ever think of an old and strong BANYAN TREE when they could whizz across the road in their swanky AC cars and flashy bikes in a few minutes.

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