Friday, November 25, 2016

Stray thoughts

"Most of you care a damn about me. Actually, you are frightened of me. And that helps, you know. I have my space, my freedom. But some of you are cool. The way you love me, talk to me, and feed me - I quite like it. But I have my mood swings too. Can't bother to respond to you every time you call me or whistle to me. Have my own challenges, you know - keeping off other strays across the street, staying away from your amused or outright cruel kids, secretly foraging through your dustbins for some scraps of food to partially satiate my hunger, and, of course living without what would have made me a truly respected member in my community - why I was castrated is something I cant understand to this day...sigh...but what's the point in cribbing.. Need to move on. It's a dog life anyways." Jimmy, the stray dog in our flat.

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