Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ruskin Bond. Like the Cozy Bed at Mom's

Don't we all love that cozy, cool bed in our mom's house, one where we will never feel out of place, one where we always love to curl ourselves in to a long nice nap? Well, for me, Ruskin Bond's writing is just like that old, comfortable bed. His books are a beautiful world I need to visit time and again to soothe my soul, just like we need to visit our mom's home to feel like a child again, and feel free and truly happy.

Nothing complicated about the Bond stories. Nothing intriguing or dramatic. But his every word is like a balm on my stressed and often confused and battered mind. Every story makes me long for one more and then one more. All his stories, settings, and characters have that fond familiarity about them, but still they are so fresh and new at the same time. You almost feel like you are listening to your granny or grandpa telling you these stories. So, I can't not liken him to R.K. Narayan, another one of my all-time favourite authors, much for the same reasons.

Apart from the easy familiarity and simplicity of writing, what really captures my interest and admiration is Bond's stories are seeped in a quite environmental crusade. His stories are a testimony to his love for the fast depleting green cover in our country. Almost all his stories are silently draped in 'green' as he manages to evoke nature and the harm we are doing to her these days. But all very subtly.

Of course, authors like Bond, I guess, are not for those who love the sensational, the loud drama and the evil intrigue we find in some of today's best sellers or media in general. It is for those who find joy in drowning deep in everything mundane. Who relish the simple philosophies of life. Who love quietness, who can sit at the window for long hours watching the rain or the birds, for whom the sky paints a thousand stories at night.

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