Friday, November 25, 2016

My newfound love

Birds! Just spending a few minutes in the early hours of the day in my balcony is turning out to be a splendid feast for my eyes, ears and soul.

There are 2 sprightly parrot couples whose dash of pure green feels so refreshing. If you are not familiar with them, you will easily miss them chirping away to glory, perched secretly on the branches of the trees, sometimes flaunting their joy openly on the power lines in front of our flat. The mynahs spend a lot of time practising singing over the black water tanks on terraces. Can't miss the grand eagles who constantly soar and slide across the skies, as though gearing up for a flying race.

The most popular species in Bengaluru, of course, is the pigeon. They are everywhere, cooing and wooing their soulmates. It's such a joy to see many flocks of pigeons, flying and creating disciplined patterns of white and grey and black across the skies!

There is yet another species too among the bird families residing in our locality, but I am yet to find out its name...a grey, long-necked one with black and white checks on its neck. It once surprised me while I went walking around my flat, standing fixed on the parapet wall like a doll, not moving for a few seconds even as i stood there staring at its elegance.

All these lovely creatures evoke the universal prayer of peace in my mind: Loka Samastha Sukino Bavanthu! Bless you, I tell them, as the thought of shrinking greenery fills my heart with sadness.

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