Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's OK to be wrong, to be bad

The burden of being the good child in the family can be huge. You are constantly appreciated for being obedient, honest, and soft spoken. You are the poster kid for all, the role model for cousins, the favourite grandchild or niece or student, and the apple of your parents' eyes. Day in and day out, you strive to keep up to your reputation, even when temptations linger around you at every corner, luring you and teasing you. Sometimes, you fumble and falter, but luckily no one notices. The silent guilt in your heart is just for you to cherish.

But all hell break loose, when one day, a momentous day, you break down, unable to carry forward the legacy of goodness anymore. You commit one mistake. One mistake that is enough to make the whole world come down upon you. Is it even a mistake, you wonder. You? How could YOU do something like this, they ask pointing their huge accusatory fingers at you. And then you feel like you have failed them all, that you are somehow worthless now.

The journey from then on can be tough. If you are inherently a strong person, you would perhaps brave this torment and move on. Saying aloud, YES, It's me. Am no saint, and I have all the rights to do the wrong thing.

The point therefore is, never bring up a child as an epitome of complete goodness. Let kids commit mistakes, and don't ever label them.

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