Friday, November 25, 2016

Come over! Join the Party!

Uncle crow from Bangalore: You must shift base here. How long will you struggle in the congested and hot Chennai?
Nephew crow from Chennai: But uncle, isn't Bangalore a very clean city? Will we be able to find food there everyday?

Uncle crow: Bah! Who said so! We have growing mounds of lovely smelling food at every corner of New Bangalore. People are very generous and dump food for us at every street corner. Plus, there are so many dirty lakes lined with piles of food.

Nephew: (beaming) Really? Sounds good, uncle.

Uncle crow: I will help you settle down in the new suburbs. Some of my old Chennai friends are already there, and having a happy time. Just fly away with me this weekend...

Nephew: As you say, uncle. I want to give my family the best ...

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