Wednesday, November 30, 2016


H: going away...

Me: What!! But how could you?

H: I can't stand this anymore.

Me: You know I need to submit that report to my manager tomorrow, right? The CFO is here, I told you. Gosh. Not today, please!

H: You are fixed to your laptop all day long, all through the week. Reports, research, ppts, meetings, brain storming, edits and reviews and what not.
What about me? I have had it.

Me: Sweetheart, please. Think about it.

H: Nah. This is it.

Me: Yeah? Okay. It's gonna be tough. Sigh! But guess I'll manage.

H: Byee! You can find me among the trees in the new walkers' park down the road. Or the flower patch by the Hanuman Temple. Or in the banana grove behind our apartment... See you soon!

There goes my 'H'eart!

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