Monday, February 11, 2013

The Magic of Snow

Evoking God
Nature has a way of reinforcing our faith in the unknown force, ‘god’ that most of us prefer to call. Today, walking through the snow-carpeted roads, the ‘Thank you god’ prayer that I used to say in school, quickly escapes my lips. I simple can’t stop smiling inspite of the immense difficulty in walking through the snow and ice. The Tamil song ‘Kaakai siraginile nandalala’ ehoes in my heart. The poet and social reformer, Subramanya Bharathiyar in this song says that he is able to see, hear and feel Lord Krishna in everything from the crow and trees to all sounds and even the fire that singes his hands. On this snowy day, I feel that my favourite god, Krishna touches me with his freezing white hands!

Out-of-the-world experience
Snow, for most of us who are tropical citizens of hot humid countries, is simply an out-of-the-world kind of experience. The first snow fall of the year fills even the adults with a child-like delight and glee. The silence when it snows evokes a thousand emotions and ideas in my heart. Nature conspiring in silence! At night, against the street lights, snow falls light like silver dust. It looks like thin cotton flakes, but feels like small and chill pricking needles. During the day, the sun is taking a break. Yet it is bright and the grey clear sky provides a perfect background for the stark white of snow that envelops every bit of the geography and all that is part of it. At night, the vast stretches of snow fill the neighbourhood with an eerie white brightness.

The first thing I do ever morning when I wake up in winter is peer out of our balcony and amaze myself with the panoramic view of bright white. Snow capped mountains in the distance; buildings, rooftops, churches, supermarkets and parked vehicles carefully and neatly covered with a natural icing; snowmen in the nearby parks, all have a magical effect on me. Yes, magical and fairyland-like! Man and every sign of civilization such as the glass buildings, the street lamps and automobile look every bit out of place in this beautiful fairyland. Only the huge and lanky trees with bare, leafless and white outstretched arms perfectly belong in this land.

Nature’s Spa and beauty parlour
Snow, as I said, is conspiring. It is a tool in nature’s hand to take a break. To keep man away for a while. The traffic thins and very few people venture out as snow makes roads inaccessible. This is when nature relaxes and rejuvenates herself. She turns her world into a spa for her true citizens, the trees and plants to exfoliate, moisturize themselves and breathe free of all pollution. Snow is the natural treatment she uses to cleanse herself.

At the end of winter, as snow melts, it gives way for new life to spring, for nature to paint everything in her canvass with the fresh and warm green.

Meanwhile, I let my eyes and heart awash with the colour and touch of winter!

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