Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Three cheers to my grandparents!

Fond memories of all the cherished time spent at my maternal granny’s place during vacations tinkle in my mind.

Loads of tasty treats, preparing and downing together bottles of the then-favourite Rasna, watching lots of movies (silly devotional flicks which I am horrified to even think of today) on VCR, waking up late after about 9 in the morning, the devotional songs blaring throughout the house early in the morning, learning slokas, watching and helping granny with her puja, playing with cousins, quarrelling with a couple of them especially over who would cuddle next to granny, listening to granny’s old mythological and folk tales…

Vacations meant time spent with my grandparents with a sort of simple fun, which many little ones can’t even imagine these days, what with exotic foreign tours and so on! It was all about getting shamelessly petted, spoiled and showered with crazily UNCONDITIONAL love!!

Those were days when both grandpa and granny were epitomes of hard work and energy (not to say they aren’t today, though age and ailments have slowed them down). Grandpa is about 81 and granny over 71. At the twilight of their lives, they still inspire me with their love, energy and enthusiasm to live life to the fullest with no regrets but just gratitude and faith.

To me the older generation stand for traditions, customs, values, faith...a whole treasuretrove of heritage and love that will be lost if we do not care for them and learn from them.

May the Gods bless all grandparents!

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