Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Recent movies that I simply loved! 'Kahani and 22 female Kottayam'

I just can't take two movies I watched in recent times out of my mind! One is Vidya Balan's 'Kahani' and the other a mallu flick '22 Female Kottayam'. Both are heroine-centric. Both have disgusting villians who continue to hauntme. And in both, the heroines snatch justice for themselves through the clever and neat revenge route.

Vidya's majestic stride in the climax still raises goosebumps all over me. The whole theatre in my native place, only half-filled mostly with college students, erupted in excited applause when Vidya, posing as heavily pregnant, strikes the confused terrorist and pins him down not just with her weapon but with her viscious looks.I was impressed by the suspense and the neat plot. Not for a minute does the audience's interest flag throughout the entire movie. The title song played its part well. A typical Indian, I would have loved at least one Bollywood style song sequence. Of course, the casting was perfect with every single actor doing justice to his/her role. I will simply never forget the contract killer with his disgusting demeanour and subtle but scary villianous streak. The cute police officer and his jovial boss, Khan - the angry senior intelligence officer, and above all Vidya lend credibility to their roles.

As for '22 Female Kottayam', Rima Kallingal, the young and upcoming actress, has come out with a brilliant performance. The way this 22 year old mallu nurse from Kottayam brings her manipulative and exploitative boyfriend and a middle-aged rapist to justice leaves a shudder in us. No over- dramatisation, no over-the-top dialogues or loud scenes. The lives of young ambitious mallu nurses in Bangalore has been depicted realistically. For some reason I liked the costumes too in the movie!! Fahad Fazil, son of successful director Fazil, has etched his character with maturity and style. He stands as a warning for young girls: 'Dont fall for handsome, well-behaved young men!' And just like Kahani, Hegde, the middle-aged rapist, played by the erstwhile star, Pratap Pothan, makes me squirm with fear. His innocuous manners and stupidly frightening line, ''Will you please have sex with me?'', before he pounces on Tessa (Rima), is nerve racking. I really liked the way the director handles Tessa's stint in the jail. Realistic I guess and so unlike the brutal way jail life is shown in most movies.

Tessa's revenge is definitely the crowning glory of the movie. When sedated Cyril (Fahad) wakes up in the climax, and hears from Tessa about his fate, the reaction on his face and perhaps even the audience is the same:) His manhood has been chopped off clinically by the hurt and transformed nurse. Yes! That serves as the ultimate warning for all men hoping to exploit girls for money and sex.

Thumbs-up to the makers and actors of these two movies!

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