Tuesday, August 7, 2012

If Only!

At the end of every sightseeing here in the UK, I feel happy as well as sad. Happy for the good times spent in mindbogglingly beautiful locales along with our little one; sad that our own country cares a damn for its rich heritage. How long will it take for India to have similar facilities and governance? Will atleast Mayini's children see a cleaner and more beautiful India?

Clean public toilets, well-maintained tourist spots, good roads, men with more respect for women, efficient transport services, punctuality in all facets of life, citizens with a better civic sense, stricter enforcement of rules and regulations, better wages...Well, it all comes down to eradicating poverty, corruption and population explosion, and infusing in everyone an enlightened sense of responsibility and accountability. Easily said and written! Who really cares!

Looks like India will always remain a country of contrasts. The rich will wallow in wads of cash and keep worrying about ways of minting more while discovering newer ways of saving tax. The poor will let themselves be fooled by vote-bank politics and live in squalor, crime and hunger. The middle class will also live on dreaming their dreams of making more money and moving up the social ladder. Even yours truly will worry about whether to take up a job and leave her daughter in a daycare or remain a housewife than devising ways to make a difference to the country.

Sad...If only change could be implemented quickly through divine intervention!

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