Monday, November 8, 2010

Back to blogging!

Relieved! That's how i feel to be able to type down my thoughts once again. Taking more than two years' break from what i love doing the most has to be accompanied by a logical excuse. And hearing mine, i hope no one will stare me down with an accusing gaze. 'The arrival of my daughter!'
On April 4, 2009, I was born again as a MOTHER:) Mayini has consumed all my time and energy thereafter, transforming me to a rotund, patient, doting, tired and above all a happy and grateful mother. I quit my job and temporarily suspended all my dreams for a successful career. "Only temporarily", i keep assuring myself. Today my little one is one-and-a-half years old, almost at the threshold of 'the terrible two', and displaying all signs of growing into an adorable, lovingly-naughty brat.
She imitates. She expresses her needs through an amusing sign language, still lazy to talk i guess. Her loud, pleading and annoying wail wins her what she wants within no time! She dances. She hums. Mayini has even developed an express way of coaxing and flattering us all with her cute kisses- a kiss for carrying her and walking around in the backyard, a kiss for fetching her things in the house not meant for playing, a kiss for letting her fool around with her plate of food and lots more to show her love.
So for the past two years I was lost in my baby's gurgles and laughter, her wails and mischiefs, her games and fussings, her joys and sickness. My day started when she woke up and ended when she slept.
But guess its time to start soaring again in my world of words and ideas.
I begin here today. Its not easy! As i type this post, Mayini has woken up from her cat-nap and has unleashed her fussy wail once again, this time to help me out with typing! So so-long to my computer until my sweetie takes her beauty nap later in the day...

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