Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Age Mahabharatha!

When 9X channel announced the launch of their new serial Mahabharatha, I was relieved that today's new generation will get an opportunity to know about the great epic and understand the various stories, values and ethics that it teaches humanity. But Ekta Kapoor's Mahabharatha is all about glamour, bright colours, designer wears and jarring accessories! It fails to convey the true spirit of the epic that the original BR Chopra's production of the '90s had successfully achieved.

Even to this day every character of the original serial is etched in our hearts! From the all-knowing, calm and truly godly Krishna, the divine looking patriarch Bheeshma, the truthful Yudhishtra, the strong and temperamental Beema, the skillful and hurt Arjuna to the selfishand foolish Duryodhana, the wicked Shakuni mama, the loyal Karna, the proud and emotionally strong Draupadi and the tearful and helpless Kunti! The actors had successfully brought out the subtle nuances of the characters in the great epic. Even the music and songs enhanced the personification of the characters as well as the story. Who can forget the background music that accompanied Shakuni's wicked plotting and scheming!

However the glamourous, slim and modern looking actors sporting desinger clothes, colourful accessories and Bollywood style make-up, miserably fail to convincingly portray the characters. Also the Hindi spoken by Pandavas and Kauravas in the serial makes you feel they have jumped into the sets straight from a K Serial!

Disappointing indeed! This production is pathetic and cuts a huge sorry figure!

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